Class Rates​

After/Before School Classes

  • Norman Park SS
  • Mansfield SS
  • Bulimba SS
  • Hilliard SS
  • Tingalpa SS
  • Marshall Road SS
  • St Martin’s
  • Robertson SS
  • St Catherine’s
  • St Oliver Plunkett

Per Lesson

$ 18 per lesson

Full Term

$ 162 per term

Lunchtime Classes

  • Wellers Hill SS
  • Mayfield SS
  • Whites Hill SC

Per Lesson

$ 17 per lesson

Full Term

$ 153 per term

Show costs

All students will have this included in their fees - to help assist with costs.

Term 2: $19.50

 Fotofox photography  (professional photography – available at the conclusion of the show – downloadable from any device).

Term 3:   $15          

Individual Trophy

term 4: $18

Theatre, set and lighting levy


All lessons are paid by the term, fees are paid via the enroll tab at the top of the page. Fees are due to be paid by the third week of each term and unfortunately are non-refundable.

All fees include GST.

There is sibling discount with more than two in the family attending classes. Please contact Director Melissa Webster regarding this.

If a student misses a class, they are welcome to attend another school to during the same week, as the curriculum is consistent across schools.