This year we will take a journey narrated by our adorable elves Jingle and Bell.

This spectacular will involve a variety of Christmas acts from the older and younger class.

A visiting aerial artist will become our evil and annoying character the Snatcher and all will be saved by our beautiful

Christmas Fairy.  The Star Theatre will be bought to life by an enchanting Christmas tree and the spirit of Christmas will

be brought to life by so many endearing characters such as Crasher the reindeer who does happen to run into a lot of things, Frosty the snowman who is weather obsessed.

Tinsel the bossy Tin Soldier and of course you cannot have a Christmas Spectacular without our Santa.

All children will be photographed this year by Brit Creative.

Hi my name is B’rit from By Brit Creative I am delighted to photograph this year’s Christmas Spectacular for 2024 and meet all your wonderful performers! I am a photographer specialising in Stage and behind the scenes photography and since relocating to Brisbane, have spent many hours in the wings documenting community theatre and dance schools. I am a Mum and a “Stage Mum” and adore working with the kids coming up in this industry! I’m excited to tell you that this year we also plan on getting a shot of each child before they grace the stage in addition to documenting the performance itself.  I look forward to meeting all your performers later in the year!  B’rit 

Venue: The Star Theatre. Peel Street, Manly.


All children will perform with their schools on one of the following dates – 28th November to December the 1st.

Just like the past shows the venue will be beautifully decorated for photos and all children will be given a medal and will be professionally photographed. 


Show costs.

All Students Will Have This Included In Their Fees – To Help Assist With Costs.

Term 2: $16         

Photography (Photography Available at the conclusion of the show – downloadable)

Term 3: $12     

Term 4: $ 18        
Theatre Levy (Lighting, sound, set and staff supervision)