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Breanna Boyd-Williamson

Breanna asked to join the Let's Talk Kids drama classes toward the end of grade 2. I thought it would be good for her, so she dropped one of her many activities to join the class. Nothing ever comes easily to Breanna, but she works hard and eventually has some measure of success. Breanna loved the drama classes from the moment she started.


Show reel (Film proof)


The first year she only attended classes, but she caught the acting bug. In the second year she entered two eisteddfods and placed well. She is now in her fourth year of classes. Over the recent school holidays Breanna auditioned for a part in the Pied Piper at the Brisbane Arts Theatre. She loved the rehearsals and performing in the 15 shows, and has recently performed in Red Hood, Beauty and The Beast, Peter Pan, Stuart Little and as the lead spider Charlotte's Web, also at the Brisbane Arts Theatre. Breanna has now completed with honours up to level two with her Trinity College London Speech examinations.

Melissa and her teachers have supported and encouraged Breanna from the start. These classes have given her so much confidence and have been a big influence on Breanna.  Whether she eventually becomes an actress (her current career goal) or not, the skills Breanna has learned in these classes will help in any career, but most importantly they have given her confidence in herself. Letting Breanna attend these classes is the best decision I could have made for her development. She is the happiest she has ever been.

My daughter Breanna finished school in 2017 and was school captain of a large high school (McGregor). In 2017 she auditioned for the most acclaimed acting universities: Western Australian Performing Arts (WAPA) and was successfully admitted. LTK will watch her journey closely.


Bronte Baker

My daughter Bronte started speech and drama two years ago in grade 1. As an extremely shy child who struggled to make eye contact with adults, let alone say a few audible words, we thought it might help her to build a little confidence. We have been absolutely amazed at how much she has enjoyed the program, and how much she has gained in confidence and communication skills!

Bronte is always excited and enthusiastic to go to classes, and she absolutely loved the Summer Intensive workshop, the productions and the eisteddfods. Her school teachers have commented on how confidently she communicates in class now, which not only helps her schoolwork, but also her confidence to be able to express her needs and feel heard. I believe it has even helped with her friendships through improved communication skills and empathy. I can't thank Melissa and her team of teachers enough for their time, hard work, energy and passionate enthusiasm. Let's Talk Kids has become an important part of Bronte's life and we are very appreciative for the growth opportunities it provides for her. Thank-you!

Tamara Baker
Mansfield State School


Inge Soby-Dammann

Inge has been attending the LTK program since year 1. Inge goes into year 5 this year in 2018. Inge was very shy and introverted child and I really wanted her to be able to stand up in front of a group of people and speak. She slowly developed confidence and at one stage even surprised us with having the confidence in front of a room full of adults and students to ask a question to a presenter. The classes were working and I was cheering on the sidelines!!

I have witnessed Inge’s love for performing grow as she participated in Eisteddfods and productions. Inge wanted to attend the Summer Intensive Workshop and this just developed her skills even further. Her confidence has grown tremendously and she now has no fear of getting up to present anything to any audience. As a parent it is truly the best money ever spent and the best choice of extra curricula activity I could have made. In 2017, I watched my daughter receive the best Actress award at the conclusion of a very professional production. My heart swelled as I remembered the shy little girl who first started with Let’s Talk Kids.

Anne Soby
Bay View State School