Illuminate 2021 - Let's Talk Kids

Student Information

Your Commitment
Over the next few months your child will be involved in a very exciting experience, a chance to be in a real theatre performance with lighting, sound, and an audience. Let’s Talk Kids takes great pride in providing young children with the opportunity to be part of a quality production at The Star Theatre, Wynnum SHS. Our show Illuminate will run for approximately 45 minutes including a brief presentation of trophies at the conclusion.

This contract is for all parents/carers to understand the commitment that needs to be made for this performance to be a successful and enjoyable experience. Once you have noted the date and committed to the production, please stay firm with your commitment. For our productions to be a success- we need full support and attendance.

Listed below are the very minimal costs that will occur within your termly tuition fees:
Term 2: $10 Photography Levy – This covers the cost of professional photography including group and individual photos of your child. After the show, parents will receive a password to access and download all photos of your child's performance. In addition to this, a videographer will record and sell DVDs of each show, however this is NOT covered by the photography levy. Parents will need to purchase videos directly from the videographer.
Term 3: $15 Show Levy – this will assist with hall hire, props, teacher supervision, lighting and sound.
Term 4: $15 Trophy Levy – all students at the conclusion of the show will be given an individualised trophy.

Only people with tickets will be able to watch the show. Tickets are kept at a low price. Adult: $12 Children: $6. Children under 3 not needing a seat are free. All tickets will go on sale at in November.

Performance Date & Time
Listed below are the performance dates and times. Your child will need to be dropped at the theatre an hour and a half before their performance to allow for a quick dress rehearsal before the show. Parents are not permitted to stay for the rehearsal.

Parent/Guardian Details