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Performance Outcomes

Performance Outcomes - 2022 and Beyond


Children in Speech and Drama gain confidence quickly through performing to a live audience. This can be in front of one person or an audience of 300.Screen Shot 2022 01 11 at 5.17.43 pm

Students also improve their self esteem and resilience through repetition of performance work whilst learning techniques such as vocal projection and facial expression.

Enhancing skills such as the importance of timing, stage positioning, eye contact and gesturing with purpose.  Socially, children are learning to interact will all ages and personalities.

Children with ability in Drama are often encouraged to extend their skills by observing like minded children develop their own individual skills.  Creative flair is ever flowing in Let’s Talk Kids classes.

Many of our past creative students and past teachers are now on the stage professionally or seen on television frequently.  A lot of students successfully audition for the internationally acclaimed acting courses such as:

St Oliver Plunkett, 2021 Production Illuminate

  • National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)
  • Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)
  • ED5 International - Full-time Performing Arts College


2022: Showcase Year


LK3 5738This year children will highlight their performance skills, learning a 40-minute Showcase.  Both the senior and junior class will present roughly four mixed media pieces each to a live audience.  These pieces will be introduced by two student announcers.  Auditions will occur in March and specific dates and times for each school’s performance will be announced late in Term One.

A variety of lead roles will be available in our 2022 Showcase. The Dance Squad (which consists of students who display an aptitude in dance/gymnastics) will once again perform at the introduction and conclusion of each show.

All performances will be held at The Star Theatre – Peel Street, Manly.  Professional lighting and sound will be used.  Parents are not expected to pay for elaborate costumes, and ticket pricing is kept at a low cost.  Professional photography will be taken by Fotofox Photography.  All students will receive a personalized commemorative medal

Audrey & Ed hosting our 2020 Showcase 

Looking Ahead... 2023: Production Year


An original story with lead and sub leads, utilising all students to form a cast. Each school with sufficient in numbers will present their own version of the script. 

Professional lighting, sound, sets and costuming will be provided. Trophies will be awarded to all students.