Curriculum / Our Classes

Let’s Talk Kids believes speech and drama training should ultimately have a performance outcome. The program, created by the LTK Director Melissa Webster, is fun-based and age-appropriate, but it has been prepared in a way that develops communication and social skills applicable to a modern, competitive, society. Many performing art academies offer speech and drama lessons that are game based. It is the belief that at LTK by offering students the platforms of international exams, local eisteddfods and constantly working towards performance outcomes, students are stretched and thus accelerated to enhance skills that are relevant to a modern fast-growing society that respects a high level of communication skill.

All teachers are hand picked and the first priority is how well the teachers work with very young children. LTK teachers need for the students to thrive and for children to thrive in performing arts they need to feel safe and confident enough to speak up and be guided as to how they can become the best version of themselves. 

Let’s Talk Kids main objectives are to teach through the performing arts the basic skills of communication:

  • The importance of using modulative devices – pitch, pace, pause and emphasis. Learning to change these devices to create an interesting and effective voice that people will listen to.
  • Learn how to speak with expression and clarity.
  • Learn and understand basic stagecraft: Where to stand on stage, what angle, which gestures work.
    Learn about the importance of eye contact and gestures.