Code of Conduct

Speech and Drama, like any of the performing arts, requires discipline and focus. Children are encouraged to strive for excellence and work in a happy, polite manner within the class environment.

It is expected that all students show respect for their teachers and others in the class.
LTK teachers will select material that is appropriate to the age and capability of the students concerned and have the final say in allocating parts for performance.
LTK teachers will warn children if their behaviour is inappropriate and parents will be advised if bad behaviour continues. If it is felt that the behaviour is interfering with other class members and their learning, students may be asked to discontinue lessons. If this rare decision is made, fees will be refunded for missed lessons.
Students are expected to work to the best of their ability. It is important that children learn their required lines, movement sequences and speech exercises weekly, in order for the class, as a whole, to progress.
If children do not wish to be part of Speech and Drama lessons, they should not be made to attend class, as this creates a negative atmosphere for all concerned.
Parents should notify teachers directly, or the office of LTK, if their child is sick or not attending a lesson, as time can be lost waiting for students to arrive. If a class is cancelled due to LTK reasons an extra make-up lesson will occur. If a student fails to attend a scheduled lesson, for what ever reason, refunds will not apply.

Our classes are not affiliated with a set religion or political view. We do appreciate and accept all students and families from differing religions and cultures. Take note however we do use material that may come from writers or musicians that talk about magic and fairies and the world of pretend. We will also use Western style ideas in relation to the celebration of birthdays and Christmas. If this content is the opposite of your belief systems please discuss with us how your child can be included or talk with our director if this may influence your child’s participation in our programs.

By respecting the code of conduct, students, teachers and parents are able to enjoy the benefits that Speech and Drama can provide.