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What is an Eisteddfod? What are the benefits?

A Speech and Drama Eisteddfod is a competition.  It requires a lot of commitment from parents and students.  It requires parents to assist children with rehearsals and to also give up their valuable time to sometimes wait half a day for their child to present a short performance.
Naia 2021
In 2022, Let's Talk Kids will compete in the following eisteddfods:
  • LTK Eisteddfod, Bulimba Community Hall (29th May 2022)
  • The Redlands Eisteddfod, RPAC Cleveland (5th - 10th September 2022)

All parents are responsible to transport their children to and from the Eisteddfods.  The time of the children’s performance is random.  Their performance could be during the week or on the weekend.  In the Eisteddfod, children compete against children of the same age from different schools and private Speech and Drama studios.  Competition standard is high. An LTK staff member will be on-site for all sessions.

If your child is not sure whether or not they have the confidence to stand up in front of an adjudicator and an audience, leave it a year.  The Eisteddfod is not a good testing ground to test confidence. Any child who wishes to enter the Eisteddfod must be self motivated to memorise work and practise for at least 15 minutes a night.


Naia at the Redlands Eisteddfod 2021

Download the Eisteddfod entry form here



MIME: A performance with only actions.  Children are given a topic  eg The haircut disaster.
Individually using the stage space they act out a scene that they must devise without using words.  It is hard to present a performance using only movement and facial expressions.
HUMOROUS VERSE: A poem that is very comical.
AUSTRALIAN VERSE: A poem that has an Australian theme and author.
IMPROVISATION: Only for advanced students.  With only a few minutes to prepare children are given a scenario that they have to act out on stage using speech and movement.
PUBLIC SPEAKING: A set topic is given a few months ahead, the student then prepares and presents a memorized speech.
CHARACTER RECITAL: A performance where children wear costume and act out a particular character.St Martins 2019 Red copy 2
GROUP MIXED MEDIA PERFORMANCE: In groups of 3 – 10 devise a theme and present with a variety of genres eg – sound effects, creative movement, storytelling, poetry etc. 

Students may choose to do the same performance at both Eisteddfods. Depending on the individual’s capability, a student may enter a number of different sections.



  • Black LTK Studio T-Shirt (Can be purchased in class at $20 each)
  • Full length black trousers (leggings are a good option)
  • Black socks & black shoes 


St Martin's Students with Adjudicator Olivia Hill (2019) 


The fee of $115 pays for the extra time given in class to prepare a student for an Eisteddfod, extra photocopying, extra time spent sourcing and getting material organised and entry fees. The $115 pays for all entry fees to both The Wynnum and Redlands Eisteddfod and full support for the year during class. It also provides a 15-minute lesson via facetime prior to performance by a qualified speech teacher.



Once committed to the Eisteddfod and the entry confirmed, students will be given their eisteddfod piece to start working on. It is important that this piece is bought to each lesson.

This is an excellent opportunity for your child.  Every student that enters receives an official adjudication report.  Each competitor also has the potential to win trophies, book prizes and monetary awards.  Your student will gain a lot of life skills he/she may not pick up elsewhere – confidence, voice projection and general stage skills.  Your student will also learn that not every performance is a winning one and this is a valuable life lesson to learn at any age.


12 Years & Under Duos at the Wynnum Manly Eisteddfod 2021